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Jeffrey Levin Designs Capsule Jewelry Collection with a Giving Back Mission for Blood Cancers

Jeffrey Levin is a brand that gives back. Honoring his mother's memory and those fighting or who lost their battle with blood cancers, designer Jeffrey Levin created the Rosette capsule jewelry collection to raise awareness and give back to charity.

LOS ANGELES, CA - February 1, 2011 - Designer Jeffrey Levin crafts his collection by hand, carving pieces out of wax or metal. Trained over 30 years ago in South Africa where he was born, he is influenced not only by the wonder of creating beauty, but by the desire to give back.

Logging many miles traveling across South Africa, Jeffrey knows well the plight of the poor, sick and disadvantaged. "A priority of the Jeffrey Levin brand mission is to give back to society in South Africa and at large," says designer Jeffrey Levin. "I started my company knowing I wanted to contribute to the greater good and I'm fortunate to be connected to a lot of amazing individuals and organizations that are making difference."

Jeffrey's company contributes through the support of organizations like and others who play a pivotal role with AIDS orphans, youth and services for women. Close to his heart is the line he created to honor his mother Rosette who lost her fight against Leukemia. But Rosette isn’t the only person close to Jeffrey who has been affected by a blood cancer. Jeffrey’s fiance lost her mother to multiple myeloma and her father is a lymphoma survivor.

Blood cancers account for approximately 9% of new cancer diagnoses in the U.S. and nearly 10% of cancer-related deaths. This means that every 4 minutes one person is diagnosed with a blood cancer and every ten minutes someone dies*.

Currently, a percentage of proceeds from the sale of the Rosette product line will be donated ongoing to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer. This “small rose” honors Rosette’s memory and those who are fighting or lost their battle with cancer. Pieces retail from $27-$475.

His sought-after collection is available online or by appointment at

*Facts and statistics from Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma Facts 2010-2011.

About Jeffrey Levin - Jeffrey Levin is the eponymous jewelry collection created and crafted by the artist, an accomplished jeweler and designer of over 30 years. Originally from South Africa, he references his exotic heritage and rich life experiences in his unique oeuvre of sublime, statement jewelry. Jeffrey Levin is also a brand that gives back. Working with non-conflict diamonds, an increasing percentage of recycled metals and adopting a sustainability accord for business operations, the collections take the environment into account in all aspects of the company’s decision making. Captured in the Jeffrey Levin collections are not only his artistic vision, craftsmanship and authentic values– but the wonder of creating beauty. Treat yourself

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