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The Jeffrey Levin Ndu Jewelry Collection
Inspired by Street Style
& Jeffrey Levin's African Heritage

The ndu collection features sterling silver jewelry as a cross-over metal to layer with rose gold and black diamonds, embellished with tribal motifs.

LOS ANGELES, CA - August 17, 2009 - Jeffrey Levin, an artisan jewelry designer originally from Cape Town, South Africa, launches the Jeffrey Levin ndu collection available through the shopping site,

In this new collection, Los Angeles Jewelry Designer Jeffrey Levin references his exotic heritage and rich experiences growing up in South Africa. The name ndu (pronounced ‘en du’) comes from the language of the Ndebele tribes, a range of ethnic groups dispersed across Zimbabwe and the northern and eastern provinces of South Africa. Jeffrey Levin’s inspired carved tribal motifs are a blend of influences from the colorful paintings of the Ndebel women who celebrate their son’s coming of age through ritualistic paintings. These artists paint the walls of their homes and entrance ways in colorful pastels and primary colors depicting their impressions of everyday life interspersed with geometrical designs.

The Jeffrey Levin ndu jewelry collection is a bold line of hand carved fine jewelry in sterling silver featuring tribal motifs sterling silver cuff bangle, motif designed sterling silver link bracelet, handcrafted chains bracelet, designer dog tags, thick and thin men’s sterling silver band, black diamond bands and rose gold rings. A Jeffrey Levin signature, his jewelry is designed to be worn layered or alone. These incredibly touchable, tactile pieces go with everything, as statement jewelry for the rocker, urban hipster and fashion-forward influencer.

Jeffrey Levin handcrafted jewelry is for people who love, adore and see beauty.

About Jeffrey Levin - Jeffrey Levin is the eponymous jewelry collection created and crafted by the artist, an accomplished jeweler and designer of over 30 years. Originally from South Africa, he references his exotic heritage and rich life experiences in his unique oeuvre of sublime, statement jewelry. Captured in the Jeffrey Levin collections are not only his artistic vision, interpretation, remarkable attention to detail and craftsmanship– but the wonder of creating beauty. Treat yourself

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