I Married Me

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A roadmap to positivity, our I Married Me kit has all you need to create your own ceremony, including a self-wedding ring, vows and daily affirmation cards. A self-wedding is a symbolic ceremony–about staying connected or reconnected with you. You can be single or in a relationship. You can already be married. Have a ceremony for yourself, with a besty, for your entire wedding party or for a special occasion. You are reason to celebrate! 

Castor Oil For Hair Growth

This oil is perfect to induce hair growth. You could make it in large quantities and store it too. But if you are doing so, make sure you add a capsule of vitamin E to increase the shelf life of this oil. Now that you know how to use castor oil for hair growth, what are you waiting for? Castor oil is a great remedy for hair loss. Regular use of this oil alone, or in combination with other oils, along with some patience will surely give you great results!