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Jeffrey Levin (pronounced ‘leveen’) is the eponymous jewelry collection created and crafted by the artist, an accomplished jeweler and designer of over 30 years.

Born in Cape Town, South Africa to parents of Egyptian-French and Lithuanian provenance, Jeffrey discovered jewelry early in life. At age 12, his father became a partner in the family jewelry business. Jeffrey grew up in the workshops, observing and increasingly enamored with the art of custom jewelry making. Taking inspiration from the urbane, eclectic aesthetic his mother brought to both the family business and home (Rosette being a collector herself), Jeffrey learned early how to design, manufacture and merchandise collections.

He developed an innate sense for understanding the intense joy of collecting objects of artistic appreciation.

Jeffrey’s inspiration flows from many sources— philosophy, art, architecture, music, literature, nature and diverse cultures, along with the rich stories and characters he’s encountered throughout his life journey. He references his exotic heritage and rich experiences living in the United States to further develop his unique oeuvre of sublime, statement jewelry.

Captured in the Jeffrey Levin collections are not only his artistic vision, interpretation, remarkable attention to detail and craftsmanship– but the wonder of creating beauty.

Jeffrey Levin Inspiration


The Collections

Jeffrey Levin

Intricately refined and inherently edgy, you can never have too many. Layered or alone, these incredibly touchable and collectible pieces go with everything. White, cognac and black diamonds coexist with a mix of uniquely colorful gems. Set in yellow, rose and white gold.

Jeffrey Levin ndu

Jeffrey Levin's uniquely handcrafted NDU (‘en du) jewelry was born in Africa and infused with visual traditions from America and around the world. Across the desert and the veld, in architecture, design, street style, and jewelry, he found stories of people, cultures and traditions--and transitions in life--that transcend global boundaries. Jeffrey's hand drawn graphic details, interpreted in sterling silver, layered with rose gold and adorned in black diamonds, transform this jewelry collection with its timeless narrative.

Jeffrey Levin One

Rare things. For those seeking truly enigmatic ornament, custom handmade pieces. Jeffrey Levin One custom orders are by appointment only. 


Jeffrey began his jewelry career in South Africa at the age of 21. From the late 70’s through early 80’s, he apprenticed in Cape Town during his formal jewelry training, and earned National Technical Certificates 1, 2 & 3 in Jewelry Theory, Gemology, Maths and Design/Drawing.

In 1986, he moved to New York City, where newfound inspiration from East Coast culture added another dimension to his design philosophy. A move to the West Coast followed in 1990, and Jeffrey once again embraced the beauty of place– this time, his muse was Southern California.

Iconic jewelry brands such as Chrome Hearts, Dogeared, 1928, Gerard Yosca, Cathy Carmendy, Jane Bohan, Jolie Designs and others have all benefited from Jeffrey’s singular vision. As an entrepreneur, he created popular collections under the Julez Bryant, u+i and Metallo brands. His collections have graced the covers and spreads of major fashion magazines, such as WWD, Vogue, Elle & Mademoiselle. Neiman Marcus, Barney’s NY, Fred Segal Santa Monica, Louis Boston, Stanley Korshak as well as the Sundance and Golden Bear catalogs, have all carried Jeffrey’s creations.

True to his artisan roots, the Jeffrey Levin collections are crafted by hand, using the ancient lost-wax process. Jeffrey blends newer techniques with time-honored practices in order to optimize the beauty of his medium – for example, he employs the traditional method of fabricating his jewel masters in metal, while applying the newer technique of carving in wax. His unique “handwriting” comes through in each piece that he carves. The subtle or remarkable details are created within a frame of reference of mere millimeters, through to the finish which is a worked method applied to each individual piece. A Jeffrey Levin signature, his jewelry is designed to be worn layered or alone. These incredibly touchable, tactile pieces go with everything, as statement jewelry for those who "love, adore and see beauty.”

An avid cyclist and a lover of the arts and culture, Jeffrey lives in Los Angeles where he soaks up the SoCal sun producing his collection. He spends a few months every year in South Africa staying in touch with the brilliant and varied influences of the emerging design culture in Cape Town and surrounds.

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